“Golden Rule Campaign is Camano Man’s New Year’s Resolution”

CLICK HERE: “Golden Rule Campaign is Man’s New Year’s Resolution” - January 1, 2008 - Stanwood/Camano News

“The World Canvas of Dan Koffman”

CLICK HERE: “The World Canvas of Dan Koffman” - February 7, 2008 - American Chronicle

Signers of the Golden Rule Declaration

Judy Jacobson, Westchester, CA
Ron Jacobson, Westchester, CA
Adam Jacobson, Long Beach, CA
Mary Lou Battaglia, Camano Island, WA
John Wild, Pacific Palisades Highlands, CA
Sharon Schammel, Pacific Palisades Highlands, CA
Paul Haider, San Juan, PR
Susie Genovese, Seaside, CA
Jayne Gasperson, Pacific Grove, CA
Patricia Hamilton, Pacific Grove, CA
John Fischer, Pacific Grove, CA
Laura Cameron, Port Townsend, WA
John Wright, Monterey, CA
Charlie Sammut, Salinas, CA
Rita Hart. Los Angeles, CA
Jim Perrine, Porterville, CA
Lisa Hegland, Camano Island, WA
Wayne Farber, Carmel, CA
Eileen Angelos, Monterey, CA
Nancy Bednarczyk, Camano Island, WA
Ed Bednarczyk, Camano Island, WA
Johanna Breyer, San Francisco, CA
Bob Saunders, Ashland, OR
Corrie Schneider, Seattle, WA
Rob Stark, Everett, WA
Mary Craig, Everett, WA
Stephanie Perry, Stanwood, WA
Betty Peak, Camano Island, WA
Stefanie Wittren, Mukilteo, WA
Traci Acosta, Camano Island, WA
Martin Acosta, Camano Island, WA
Nick Harper, Everett, WA
Harvey Bucklin, Everett, WA
Scott Amundson, Stanwood, WA
Lacey Homchick, Seattle, WA
Josh Flickner , Camano Island, WA
Jonathon Popham, Snohomish, WA
Mikey Haan, Edmonds, WA
Ed Johnson, Camano Island, WA
Rene Gage, Snohomish, WA
Kathea Rasmussen, Bow, WA
Ken Rasmussen, Bow, WA
Elizabeth Nester, Las Vegas, NV
Jenny Gray, Everett, WA
Kathy Holston, Pleasant Hill, OR
Barrie Evans, Mankato, MN
Johnny Clemens, Tacoma, WA
Tiffany Derville, Eugene, OR
Athena Sizemore, Gallatin, TX
Nick Sizemore, Gallatin, TX
Sheila Eichele, Stanwood, WA
Lois Sharpe, Camano Island, WA
Jack Sharpe, Camano Island, WA
Jan Reither, Antioch, CA
Jon Reither, Antioch, CA
Christina Hamlett, Pasadena, CA
Mark Webb, Pasadena, CA
Sue Morrison, Camano Island, WA
Ted Morrison, Camano Island, WA
Roger Cocke, Camano Island, WA
Phil Dean, Monterey, CA
Doris Platis, Camano Island, WA
Paul Platis, Camano Island, WA
Courtney Moss, Everett, WA
John Ebner, Camano Island, WA
Lance Carlton, Camano Island, WA
Gary Polonsky, Los Angeles, CA
Wayne Farber, Carmel, CA
Lorel Farber, Carmel, CA
Jan Burns, Monterey, CA
Gail Rector, Gold Bar, WA
Renee Gage, Snohomish, WA
Ronny Ovadia, Irvine, CA
Narguez Ovadia, Irvine, CA
Rhonda Hundretmark, Camano Island, WA
Christian Graves, Arlington, WA
Gerald Bennett, Camp Hill, PA
Katy Travaille, Pacific Grove, CA
Mark Travaille, Pacific Grove, CA
Suzanne Rush, Leland, NC
David Keating, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Sara Moses, Camano Island, WA
MaryJo Sawyer, Camano Island, WA
Fred Hundretmark, Camano Island, WA
Dianne White, Stanwood, WA
Kailyn Knight, Eugene, OR
Mussie Hailu, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Donna Carver, Stanwood, WA
Cathleen Gable, Pacific Grove, CA
Lauren Siring, Pacific Grove, CA
Jean Stalling, Pacific Grove, CA
Preston “Poppy Claus”, Martinsville, VA
Elizabeth Peppas, Gallatin, TN
The Jupiter Kitkat, Jupiter, FL
Kelly McCabe, Almonte, Ontario, Canada
Donna Roam, Everett, WA
O. Susan Moses, Camano Island, WA
Cricket Macey, Bothell, WA
Roy and Barbara Meazell, Pacific Grove, CA
Richard Johnson, Camano Island, WA
Marvin Fountain, Reading, PA
Theodore F. Briscoe, Jr., Fresno, CA
Stafan Panajotoff, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fredy Champagne, The Golden Rule Ketch, Garberville, CA
Emma Nelson, Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Beverley Wilson, Dallas, TX
Karen Wilson, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Susan von Struensee, Falls Church, VA
Alan Southern, Liverpool, England
Amy Leonard, Everett, WA
Kevin Carroll, Culver, IN
Kathy Ozzard Chism, Santa Rose, CA
Nancy Gentry, Burlington,WA

“To Camano Island Man, Golden Rule is Art”

CLICK HERE: “To Camano Island Man, Golden Rule is Art” - January 10, 2008 - Everett Herald

“Preemptive Acts of Positivity Every Day” - January 1, 2008 - Press Release

We can’t wait any longer for the “powers that be” in this world to make things better for us. We, the People, have the power, individually and collectively, to create a better world. Every one of us, everyday, in small and meaningful ways, can make a huge, positive impact when we come truthfully from our hearts and minds and through our actions.

We as a society, and as individuals, need to reaffirm and rekindle our sense of fairness and personal responsibility. . . each of us doing our best every day to be fair. What better way to do this than to focus on The Golden Rule, a touchstone for all of us?

The Golden Rule belongs to each and every one of us. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This simple yet powerful message (that we all, in one form or another, have been taught and know) forms the basis of every religion in the world and includes those who are not religious but believe in fair play.

I can’t help, therefore, but feel that this message addresses the vast majority of people on our planet - people who, for the most part, know the right thing to do and the right way to act. I’m simply offering a reminder and encouraging them to do just that by being Golden Rule Activists - everyday. Anyone can be a Golden Rule Activist!

It is in this spirit and with this desire that I created The Golden Rule Activist Declaration and videos now circulating on the Internet.

“Be a Golden Rule Activist in your heart, in your mind and especially in your actions.”

Imagine what the world would be like if more people began to live life more often with this simple yet powerful focus!

It can be a better world!

I am not an actor, I am not a rock star, I am not a politician. I’m just a guy who is concerned about our world and the people in it . . . a guy who wants to make a positive difference. I’m a Golden Rule Activist.

Dan Koffman