Comments from Golden Rule Activists

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Golden Rule Movement! My support is endless” - Judy Jacobson

“Thank You, Dan, for a great way to help this planet” - Paul Haider

“I have asked children in my neighborhood if they know about the Golden Rule - most have no idea. I’m happy to help change this sorry state of affaires.” - Susie Genovese

“Love your new project! I put the bracelet on right out of the envelope! Love the golden color! I believe in you and I believe in me - to spread the word and to make a difference!” - Patricia Hamilton

“Behind you all the way and in step with the program. I try to think and act this way daily, and this is a wonderful way to focus my thoughts further in 2008 and beyond.” - Laura Cameron

“Dan’s Golden Rule Activist project is a win/win idea that can only benefit every living thing on the planet. It has no down side and I support his efforts entirely.” - Charlie Sammut

“Congratulations to you for advocating “The Golden Rule” of elegant etiquette for an extraordinary era.” - Lisa Hegland

“Hi Danny! So good to hear from you and so good to see The Golden Rule becoming trendy! I’ve been teaching it to Gracie and trying to practice it myself since . . . forever! Love the bracelet.” - Eileen Angelos

“Higher vibrations happening in 2008! You rock, Camano Island rocks! The World is Rockin!!” - Nancy Bednarczyk

“Good Work, Danny my Brother…I love what you are about and what you do. Heartfelt wishes for great success with your latest project to improve our world.” - Bob Saunders

“All it takes is one to make a difference. The time is NOW to return to kindness…” - Ed Bednarczyk

“I read about this in the Everett Herald online at my friend’s home in Vicenza, Italy. I arrived here yesterday (1/9/08) after a day’s travel, and met many folks along the way whom I believe practice the Golden Rule daily. I received much help in my travel here by total strangers, some of whom could speak English, some who could not, but understood my needs when I asked for help. I’m convinced that there is more good than evil in this world and that it only needs to be felt by everyone from person to person contact. Thank you for reminding all that it begins with each one of us. Collectively, we can be the change we seek.” - Mary Craig

“Be the change you want to see in the world - Gandhi - Mr. Koffman, I thank you for being the change!” - Suz

“This is an amazing new idea, I can’t wait to wear my bracelet and I hope more and more people will follow this good deed to make this world a better place” - Stefanie Wittren

“I believe you are on the right track! Kindness is a gift everyone deserves! Thank you for your efforts in reminding us of what we were taught as a child! I believe we need to get back to the basics of our humanity!” - Traci Acosta

“Thank you, Mr. Koffman, for believing that we can bring this philosophy to life throughout the world.” - Nick Harper

“Wonderful idea and ideal. I’ll share the message with at least 10 people” - Harvey Bucklin

“May peace prevail!” - Scott Amundson

“Good job, Dan. You are an inspiration. I hope many people follow.” - Jonathon Popham

“Be the Change that you want to see in the world. So BE it!!” - Kathea Rasmussen

“I agree wholeheartedly. Just yesterday, my 19 yr. old daughter was stunned to hear two others making fun of her for no particular reason as they walked out of a college class. She was crushed and asked “how do I toughen up.” I replied, you don’t, but you double your efforts to do the right thing by everyone possible in your life and remember what makes you who you are. - And standing by and for the Golden Rule is perfect.” - Kathy Holston

“It seems so simple - when you’re a child, you know it’s the only way to go. As an adult, I know I’ve let the waters get muddied at times with my own insecurities, desires and revenge fantasies. I’m glad for this reminder to return to a simpler message.” - Barrie Evans

“Do unto others…what a concept, no?” - Johnny Clemens

“It’s about time we get back to the basics.” - Athena Sizemore

“It’s nice to realize how very dedicated you are to your “Golden Rule” project. One person can make a difference! Have faith, determination and spirit for what you do.” - Lois Sharpe

“I’ve been teaching my kids and family this rule for what seems to be forever, glad to hear I’m not the only one who cares.” - Sheila Eichele

“I wish to thank you for having such a positive attitude towards our Nation. I hope you continue to encourage others to not give up on our nation and spread kindness and keeping a positive attitude through your Golden Rule Program.” - Shirley Garrard

“Good luck with your project. It is time for a reawakening of good behavior.” - Doris Platis

“I sent your message on to 45 members of my Rotary Club, after I signed on at the website. Wishing you all success with this new venture!” - Bob Saunders

“Anyone who takes on a quest like this is a powerful force in the universe, maybe I should call you Swami Kindananda or Guru K. You give new meaning to the phrase - He’s as Good as Gold!” - Jon Carver

“This is such a great idea! I love it, I love it!!!” - Courtney Moss

“With all the negative energy that today’s religion and politics is causing, it’s nice to know there are also positive things happening! I’m glad to see the ripple effect is alive and well, thank you for starting this and I will pay it forward.” - Jon Nelson

“The Golden Rule is gold, pure gold. I have lived it all 53 years since I learned it at my mother’s knee when I was 5. It didn’t used to be rare. But then, that was when a mother with 4 kids in the grocery store was sent to the front of the line. Thank you for doing this!” - Gail Rector

“I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing. I have felt the way you do forever. Thank you so much.” - Renee Gage

“The Chamber of Commerce sent out a link to your Goldern Rule Activist website. I’m so glad, because I must have missed the story in the newspaper. Actually, I don’t get newspapers anymore for that reason . . . so much negative stuff. Thanks and keep the good news coming.” - Jan Mather

“I’m happy to hear about this effort. We’ve always been Golden Rule followers, but this takes it a step further. Awesome!” - Pamm Ragan

“The key is to live every day with kindness, love & caring for others. We can make a difference.” - Rhonda Hundretmark

“Thank You! It’s about time we, personally, start practicing the Golden Rule and teaching the younger generation what it’s all about. It doesn’t appear that we have taught them either by definition, example or accountability.” - Phyliss Prather

“You are an inspiration Dan.” - Christian Graves

“I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Trust me, they could use a little more Golden Rule Activisim here. I love what you’re doing.” - Beth Nester

“Have a positive effect on everyone you meet if possible. Share a smile.” - Suzanne Rush